BAKER Powerbox Right Side Drive 6-Speed Transmission for 1984-1999 Evo Softails

  • Fits 1984-1999 Evo Softail motorcycles.

  • Case sculpted from billet aluminum.

  • 'R' ratio gearset for big motor applications available at no additional cost.

  • Features a show polished finish and Function Formed design.

  • Backed by a five year / 50,000 mile manufacturer's limited warranty.

BAKER Powerbox Overdrive 6-Speed

The design directives for the TorqueBox were clearly established in the early stages of development. This flagship gearbox had to have a 250 ft-lb torque capacity gearset but externally look like 400 ft-lb standing still. Development costs and resultant retail price were deemed irrelevant. By choosing the venerable 6-71 blower for architectural inspiration, we inadvertently gave rise to what is now trademarked as Function Formed™ design.

Enter the new PowerBox; Function Formed™ looks without the need to pawn your guns or your wife’s jewelry. Design inspiration from the TorqueBox coupled with a diamond ground 8620 steel 6-speed overdrive gearset gives the PowerBox an input torque capacity of 165 ft-lb, with a 400 ft-lb curb appeal; some may argue more. More because the tidy compact design of the PowerBox makes the function Formed design elements pop out more. 34Ds will always be noticed more on a petite chick than a larger chick; same concept.

  • Hydraulic clutch actuator only.
  • No neutral switch hole in the top cover
  • Speedometer hole for LSD or RSD
  • LSD version fits 1984-99 Softail and Custom frames
  • RSD version fits 1984-99 Softail-based RSD bikes and custom Softail-based RSD bikes
  • Hydraulic actuator with 1.5” piston standard. 11/16” master cylinder recommended
  • RSD comes with choice of 29 tooth zero offset pulley or 24 tooth .2” chain sprocket
  • RSD can be upgraded with various offset chain sprockets and sizes to suit application. No pulley option available due to tight actuator spider size
  • LSD comes with choice of 32 tooth pulley or 24 tooth .2” chain sprocket
  • LSD can be upgraded to all pulley and chain sizes and offsets to suit application
  • No neutral switch for clean look
  • No cost upgrade to N1 drum
  • Speed sensor provision located on back of case requires .120 spacer
  • 12 point stainless steel ARP fasteners
  • Choice of standard and ‘R’ ratio gearsets
  • Standard ratio gears 1st through 6th: 2.94, 2.21, 1.60, 1.23, 1.00, .86
  • R-Ratio gear ratios 1st through 6th; 2.82, 2.08, 1.60, 1.23, 1.00, .86


BAKER Builder's Kits come fully assembled and ready to install into your existing transmission case with no modifications, shimming, or adjustments required.