BAKER DD5 Direct Drive 5-Speed Builder's Kit; Fits All 1985-2006 Big Twins (Except 2006 Dyna)

The BAKER DD5 is not just a replacement for the stock 5-Speed. Whether you’re going down the drag strip or you’re cruising down the road, the torque capacity, long term durability and shift quality are greatly improved over stock. Will handle up to 200 H.P. no problem.

  • Fits 1990-2006 Softail, FXR, & FLT-FLH; and 1991-2005 Dyna.
    Fits 1985-89 Big Twins - Tapered Mainshaft (Add $200).

  • Features include one-piece countershaft with 5th gear, larger door bearings, billet 6061-T6 chrome door for strength, hard chrome plated shift forks for wear resistance, and smooth roller shift system with Redundant Neutral for vastly improved neutral finding.

  • Benefits include its ability to handle over 200 ft/lbs of torque (more than stock), easier to find neutral, smoother shifting, and longer lasting components.

  • Backed by a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty from BAKER Drivetrain.

Bearing Door Type: All DD5 bearing doors have the same outer profile as a stock 5-speeds so exhaust brackets, torque arms etc. fit like stock. The DD5 door comes with or without an ear. The ear door is for exhaust bracket mounting and does not fit 1993-2006 FL applications.

Mainshaft: The splined mainshaft comes standard on the DD5 Builder’s Kit. A +.800" mainshaft and pulley for wide tire applications is available upon request, additional costs may apply.

1st Gear Ratio: The 2.94 1st gear ratio is a good all around ratio. The optional 3.24 1st gear is recommended for heavy GVW applications. The R-Ratio 2.82 1st gear is recommended for light hot rods.

2nd Gear Ratio: We recommend a 2.21 2nd gear ratio for use with the 2.94 and 3.24 1st gear ratios. The 2.08 2nd gear is normally paired with the 2.82 1st gear for racing applications.