BAKER Drivetrain RSD5 Right Side Drive Five Speed Complete Transmission for 1991-1997 Evolution Dyna Big Twin Motorcycles

BAKER introduced RSD (Right Side Drive) in 2001 when the 240 tires came out as a solution to balance big tire customs, and it accomplished just that. More than ever with the popular 300+ tires and the radical 360ís in circulation, RSD translates to zero offset and a perfectly balanced radical custom. The convention of offsetting the transmission to the left to get the secondary drive around the tire puts the entire motorcycle out of balance and adversely affects handling. BAKER offers a Right Side Drive transmission in all of the available big twin platforms, Softail, Softail based customs, Dynaís, FXRís and FL Touring models. This versatility of case offerings maintains all of the clutch and primary options that are available for the standard LSD (Left Side Drive) configuration. 530 Chain or Belt secondary drive, no problem. Mechanical or Hydraulic Clutch lever assemblies, BAKER has that covered too. Multiple gear ratios offered for your drivetrain tuning needs too.
  • Fits 1991-1997 Evolution Dyna.

  • Available finishes are raw, wrinkle black (add $100), and show polished (add $250).

  • Features include multiple available gear ratio combinations, a full complement of straight cut gears for the ultimate in strength with the tooth forms ground with diamond coated tooling, works with all primary and clutch configurations on the market, comes standard with zero offset pulleys and 530 chain sprockets with many offset pulleys available at a nominal up-charge, and a bolt-in design on all versions.

  • Benefits include keeping the motorcycle fully balanced by not needing any drivetrain offsets, BAKER Drivetrainís legendary durability and performance, and American made integrity.

  • Optional pulley cover shown is sold separately.

  • Backed by a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty from BAKER Drivetrain.


BAKER Builder's Kits come fully assembled
and ready to install into your existing
transmission case with no modifications,
shimming, or adjustments required.