107 Cubic Inch Chrome & Black Ultima Driveline with S&S Components

This driveline package is designed to fit Evolution Style Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Custom Softail Applications with no modifications.

Experience the superior performance and quality of the ULTIMA El Bruto Competition Series Engine from Prestige Custom Motors. Accessorizing the El Bruto engine with S&S components combines the power and dependability of ULTIMA with the style, distinction, and reverence of S&S Cycle. The new ULTIMA carburetor is specially tuned to perfection by the manufacturer to maximize the performance of the El Bruto engine. The ULTIMA R1 and R2 carburetors are interchangeable with the S&S Super G and Super E carburetors, which means the S&S Teardrop air cleaner kit fits without the need for any adapters, additional parts, or modifications.


  • ULTIMA El Bruto Competition Series Engine (Factory Diamond Cut available) (EPA Certified and CARB Compliant available)
  • ULTIMA Polished 3.35" Street Style Open Belt Drive (3.35" Drag Race Style and 2.00" Old School Style available upon request)
  • ULTIMA 6 Spd LSD Transmission (5 Spd and RSD available)
  • ULTIMA Chrome 1.75kW Thunderfire Starter (2.0 or 2.4 available)
  • ULTIMA R1 Polished Performance Carburetor
  • WILD RIDER Single Fire Ignition
  • S&S Chrome Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit
  • S&S Billet Chrome Domed Points Cover
  • MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin)
  • Manufacturer's One Year Limited Warranty
  • Extensive Instruction/Specifications/Maintenance Booklet

Ultima El Bruto Engine Description:

This Evolution Style Motor is factory assembled and will fit in place of your stock Evo Motor with no modifications!

Ultima's new El Bruto Series Engines are designed to provide customers with a U.S.A. built high performance engine that is priced to be the best value of any engine on the market. Ultima's commitment to engineering excellence and competitive pricing brought El Bruto to life with a completely new designed set of castings emphasizing performance, reliability, and value.

All of the castings in these engines are poured in U.S. foundries and are based on all new CAD designs cast from C355 aluminium, a common U.S. military alloy known for its stability over multiple heat cycles. The engine components are machined on state-of-the-art CNC equiptment for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. All of the engines are dynamically balanced using propritory methods to provide the smoothest running engines on the market. With their new high-flow cylinder heads, these are now the most powerful engines on the market as well. The Ultima El Bruto Engines are available with show polished, black or natural finishes. The 100, 107, and 113 cubic inch motors come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile manufacturer's warranty. The 120 and 127 cubic inch motors come with a 6 month or 6,000 mile warranty.

Made in U.S. cast-in steel inserts guaranteed not to move. Large bore breather for increased crank case vacuum and less blow by. Alignment dowels for true line bore. Counterbored stainless allen head case bolts. Close machining tolerances. Made from prime C355-T6 aluminum that is superior in strength to A356. Styling and cosmetic machining for a custom look.

Newly designed crankshaft incorporates a massive 1.670" diameter pin that is pressed into the one piece, heat treated, 4140 steel flywheel half making these crankshafts some of the strongest available on the market today. These crankshafts feature all new H-Beam rods with extra thick wrist pins to handle all the power you can throw at them. These are also balanced using our exclusive methods making these some of the smoothest engines in the industry.

C355-T6 Casting. Cast in liners will not move. All fins are machined for an excellent cosmetic appearance.

C355-T6 Casting. All fins are machined for excellent cosmetic appearance. Twin Cam Styling means 30% more fin than most Evolution Style heads for cooler running. Compression release valves. 2.100 stainless intake valves, 1.700 stainless exhaust valves. Manganese Bronze guides. High silicon wire valve spring with chromoly retainer. Contact us for additional information.


Ultima Belt Drive Description:

Ultima's NEW Belt Drive Assembly revives the Street Style Primary Open Belt Drive at a new affordable price. The Street Style unit with the outboard support was designed to withstand all the power your bike can generate, with an extra plate Barnett Clutch assembly and Goodyear 85mm wide (3.35") belts to handle all the power you can throw at it. The Street Style Primary has the same machining as the Drag Style Primary, so it can be upgraded with outboard supports anytime.

Continuing Ultima's commitment to engineering excellence and competitive pricing, Ultima is now offering the all new 2.00" Old School Belt Drive and Barnett clutch plates. This high quality belt drive assembly will surely enhance the look and performance of any American motorcycle. Designed to withstand all the pavement pounding power you can throw at it, and with a more centered weight distribution, this belt drive is a textbook example of getting the most bang for your buck.

Designed to fit OEM Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and custom applications. These belt drives will also fit most aftermarket Softail and Rigid Frames designed to use Softail style components. These polished belt drives come with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Ultima 6 Speed Transmission Description:

Ultima's NEW 6-Speed Transmissions are the ultimate upgrade for bikes with 100+ horsepower engines. Designed to compliment our El Bruto series engines or any high horsepower unit you've created. They are packed with features found in most higher priced transmissions. These transmissions are available with show polished, black, or natural finishes. They are the best value on the market, and have a Two Year or 20,000 Mile Manufacturer's Warranty.

Right Side Drive Transmissions available upon request! These transmissions are available in both cable operated clutch and hydraulic operated clutch styles.

Features Include:

  • Gears and shaft made from hardened 8620 steel giving you years of service with big inch engine
  • Pro-cut lead-in ramps for positive shifting
  • Aluminum bronze and hardened steel shift forks for durability and longevity
  • Roller detent gives you smooth and positive shifting action
  • Billet trap door
  • Reinforced transmission case machined from permanent mold A356-T6 aluminum
  • Assembed by professionals and bench tested
  • Close ratio 2.94 low gear set:
    1st gear - 2.94:1
    2nd gear - 2.21:1
    3rd gear - 1.6:1
    4th gear - 1.23:1
    5th gear - 1.00:1
    6th gear - 0.86:1

Ultima Thunderfire Starter Description:

Ultima is setting the standard in starter performance and value with the new Heavy Duty Series Thunder Fire Starters for model Big Twins. These starters are built with all new tooling and all parts are new. These starters have long lives and exceptional performance, and are the best value on the market.

The 1.75, 2.0, and 2.4 Kilowatt Starters are made for Big Inch Engines, have heavier clutch gears, and include a manual push button cap on the solenoid. These starters fit stock applications on Big Twins where a 7/8" longer body is not a problem. They require a 300 amp battery and good cables for best results. These chrome starters come with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.